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My Hero Academia Teases Shigaraki’s Return in Paranormal Liberation War

The clash between the heroes and villains is now getting close to its climax with the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. With the appearance of the main villain of the series, things might be getting more interesting. As Mirko and the other heroes tried to suppress the villains, they have managed to find Shigaraki’s location.

At last, Mirko finally found Shigaraki’s vat in the secret lab. Luckily, Shigaraki is still unconscious and his allies around him are the only one to protect his vat. Upon seeing the arrival of the other heroes, the doctor screamed asking everyone to protect Shigaraki.

The spreads of Chapter 268 shows that Shigaraki is far from his completion. Dr. Garaki’s computer shows that it’s only at 75% and it still needs more time to reach 100%. Mirko still did her best to destroy the villain’s vat, which may result in the incompletion of Shigaraki’s powerup.

At the same time, Endeavour and the others arrived at Mirko’s location. “Finish them off! Shigaraki’s in there”, Mirko shouted while enduring all the pain of the battle. Mirko already attacks the vat and it looks like it is about to break into pieces.

Eraser Head and Present Mic also arrived at the scene and heard what Mirko said. “We can’t let Shigaraki wake up”, the two pro heroes affirmed.

Now that the unconscious Shigaraki finally appeared in the war, will the pro heroes be able to stop him? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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