One Piece Big Mom vs Kaido

One Piece Manga Sees Big Mom vs Kaido; A Clash Between Two Yonkos

One of the most awaited face-off in One Piece just happened as the latest One Piece manga chapter shows two Yonko fighting each other. One Piece Chapter 951 is now out and to be honest, Eiichiro Oda did a really good story for this chapter.

There are lots of events happened in One Piece Chapter 951 such as why the Shogun gets angry, how the Heart Pirates escaped, and the new secret message for the upcoming war. While this is a good plot for the battle, the main highlight of the chapter is the face-off of the two Yonko – Big Mom and Kaido.

Queen has successfully managed to bring Big Mom on Onigashima where she met the three All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates – Jack, King, and Queen. While King is giving her food, Big Mom told them that there are three races that are still missing on her family and one of them is the race where King comes from. That being said, Big Mom immediately invites King to join her crew but King refused the offer.

While eating, Big Mom politely asked Queen to remove her handcuffs but it was immediately rejected. At the same time, a voice familiar just came in asking the guards to remove Big Mom’s handcuffs. It turns out that it was Yonko Kaido.

The guards did not remove Big Mom’s handcuff thinking that it was just a joke by their captain. However, Kaido shouted again to remove the handcuffs. The guards immediately moved and just right after removing the handcuffs, Big Mom stands up and draw her sword, Napoleon, and attacked Kaido. The weapons of the two Yonko collide which results in splitting the sky, similar to what happened when Shanks and Whitebeard talked.

In addition to this unexpected event, One Piece Chapter 951 also gave us a glimpse of the history between Big Mom and Kaido. According to the two guards that are talking before the two Yonko collides, Big mom and Kaido are on the same pirate crew before. Which makes sense why the Yonko has a connection.

So, do you think the battle between Big Mom and Kaido will continue? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.