Nanny Beginner’s Guide and Tips

For starters having a good headset is good as Nanny’s footsteps are super loud so you can gauge where she is. If you end up in her line of sight you’re probably dead as she will track you down. You can get away but you have to run into a different room super quick and either hide or continue running. You can tell if Nanny is chasing as you can turn around and see her coming and I think the footsteps are more frantic.

There will be five candles that you will need to bring back into the room you spawn in. There will be a key that you need to unlock the door to the kitchen (in the kitchen is the furnace) along with the five candles you will need to find 3 religious items. I think it was a bible and two crosses, throw them into the furnace in the kitchen. Also in the kitchen is the knife, once you burn all three religious items and place the five candles around the pentagram in the spawn room, bring that knife back to spawn room. The final step is something like “draw blood” I clicked on the pentagram with knife in hand and then a prompt will appear saying “Find Nanny” or similar to that, once you find her the game will end.

All five candles, key and religious are items are not fixed and will randomly change spawns. The knife is the only item that is fixed I believe and spawns next to the furnace. I also don’t think that this game really is worth beating as you literally don’t earn anything, you don’t unlock a harder mode or achievements.

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