NavalArt Update 0.8.1 Patch Notes on August 28th Released

Developer Rigidbody has rolled out the newest NavalArt update 0.8.1. The new patch has been released on August 28th to address some of the in-game issues.

According to the official release notes, NavalArt patch 0.8.1 has fixed the crashing issues in the game. The update also corrected some of the names in NavalArt. In addition, a new mission called Duel Yamato has been released.

To know more about this update, check out the official changelog below.

NavalArt Update 0.8.1 Patch Notes


  • Fix the British 533 torpedo tubes are too huge
  • Fix the spelling error in the menu’s version code
  • Fix Italy 30mm Breda Mauser is missing in the inventory
  • Fix the twin and triple 25 mm type 96 have their descriptions swapped
  • Fix the name and description of the “Seagull” is null
  • Fix the name and description of the catapult is null
  • Fix the scale bug of the British 34.3 cm turret
  • Fix the description problem related to Italy 320mm turrets
  • Fix the Japanese twin 140 mm and 140 mm secondary have their descriptions swapped


  • Adjust the damage of the AA gun: Chicago piano

New Feature

  • Added a new mission: Duel Yamato

Are you still experiencing NavalArt crashes? If yes, feel free to check this Steam game troubleshooting guide.

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