Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat Crossplay Feature is Finally Here

Video game developer and publisher Electronic Arts has officially announced that crossplay is finally coming to Need for Speed Heat.

According to the blog post shared by EA, NFS Heat crossplay between the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (both Origin and Steam) will be available starting on June 9th. Along with the arrival of this feature, there will also be an update which will include some bug fixing and adjustments.

Once you finished installing the new NFS Heat update, you will be getting a notification about the crossplay feature. EA will require players to activate the crossplay feature in the game options settings to experience the new feature.

Need for Speed Heat is not the only one having the crossplay feature. Back in 2019, Sony has officially opened its platform and let developers connect their games with other platforms such as the PC and Xbox One.

Need for Speed Heat is the first video game by EA who received the crossplay feature. As of writing, it’s still unknown if the company is planning to implement the feature on their other games such as FIFA and Apex Legends.

By Earl Stewart

Earl is one of those gamers who will play almost any new games. But he more prefers playing FPS and open world games.