Never Return Update 5.07 Patch Notes

Never Return update 5.07 was just rolled out by developer YeMuNetWork, and we got the full list of changes of the patch for everyone to read. Before the release of this update, many players have been experiencing a lot of in-game issues such as repair problems with several features of the game.

With the release of Never Return version 5.07, players should now expect fewer bugs and glitches. As stated above, we already have the complete patch notes of this update. Check out the details below.

Never Return Update 5.07 Patch Notes

  • New end room portal, open after killing all monsters.
  • Return to the branch room path point after an interaction.
  • Repair the bug that the health loss effect only triggers the near-death effect for the first time normally.
  • Repair the bug that the number of times of upgrading master weapon skills is not increased.
  • Repair the problem that the weapon skill error causes the equipment to disappear after being taken off.
  • Repair the problem that the lord is regarded as an ordinary monster and killed after being deformed.
  • Repair the problem of death caused by the format of the monster life value assignment.
  • Repair the problem that the monster is not removed after being deformed to restore part of the benefit reduction effect.
  • Modify the name of the Steam game installation directory folder to English.
  • Modify the location of props no longer changes after transmission.
  • Modify the number of materials inherited from the last smelting of gems.
  • Reset after the character leaves the initial room/closes the game.

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