Valorant Yoru

New Valorant Agent Yoru Abilities Leaked, Gameplay Surfaced

Just before the official release of the Valorant Episode 2, players are surprised with the news about the details of the new agent coming to the game. The new agent is none other than Yoru, the new character that will start dominating the Valorant world in Episode 2.

Valorant Yoru

Valorant Yoru Details

As seen on the leaked Yoru gameplay, it seems that this new Valorant agent possesses a lot of skillsets that will be confusing a lot of players. Mind-blowing, huh? Why not check the gameplay here. Meanwhile, here are the initial skill translations for Yoru:

  • Z – Creates a fake footstep sounds in a certain direction. By simply using ‘Fire’, players can send the fake footstep sound ahead. Or you can also pre-place the fake sound by using the Alt + Fire combo and hitting F key to send it.
  • X – Temporarily blind enemies looking towards it.
  • C – Create a portal that players can use in the game. Just like the fake footstep sound, this can be placed ahead.
  • Q (Ultimate Skill) – Turn invisible and undetected by the enemies. You can move freely while you’re invisible.

Valorant Episode 2 Release Date

Episode 2 of Valorant is expected to release on January 12, 2021. Expect to see more details about the new episode once it officially releases.

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