Niantic Released Kyogre and Groudon To Join Rayquaza for a Legendary Week

Niantic has just announced that the Legendary Kyogre and Groudon has returned to join Rayquaza for the limited time Raid Battles. Starting today until March 5, all Pokemon GO trainers will have another chance to catch the Legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

In addition to these releases, Niantic also confirmed that if Raquaza has been defeated more than Kyogre and Groudon combined before the Legendary Raid Battle event ends, the weather will affect the Pokemon that will be hatched from an egg starting on March 5 to March 16. For example, if the weather is sunny, there’s a bigger chance to hatch Trapinch, while if it’s rainy weather, you might hatch a Lotad.

Along with the Legendary Pokemon release, there will also be a new special boxes coming on February 24th which contains Raid Passes and more items.

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