Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3 Slime Speedway Achievement Walkthrough Guide

Are you planning on getting all achievements in this game? Need a small helpful little guide on doing so? Well, you’ve come to the right place fellow Nicktoonest! We’ll be breaking down all these Achievements into different categories and going through some of the best strategies to get most if not almost all of them here

These categories being

– Grand Pix Cup Achievements
– Shop Achievements
– Challenge Miscellaneous & Time Trial Achievements
– Online Multiplayer Achievements

Slime Scramble Cup Achievements

First lets get into the Cup Achievements first these are mainly self-explanatory but Il still go over them in detail below.

A New Star Is Born

Quite simple simply just play one Race or Cup to Earn this one.

Winner Winner!

Another simple one you’ll most likely earn this one after completing your first cup in 1st Place since going against the Bots in this Game isn’t really all that challenging even on the Hardest Difficulty shouldn’t be to hard if planning on going for all of the Achievements in the Game anyway.

Krushing It

Unlike in Nick Kart Racers 2 you don’t need to get 3 Stars on every single Difficulty for this Achievement this time around all you need to do is place First Place in 40 Different Cups.

What I did was play each Cup on every single Difficulty and Place First Place in each and every single one of them but I’ve heard reports that you can just easily pick the Easiest and Slowest Difficulty and Replay the Same Cup over and over again if you really wanna be cheep about it and do it the cheep way but im not so sure if that works or not.

Further testing from other Players is Required to know if this is true or not.

Can’t Touch This

This one sounds like a real pain in the ass to do cause even if your in First Place all the time theres a chance you can still get struck by a Watermelon or The King Jellyfish or even get hit by a rouge item but in reality this one is actually pretty simple simply doing any Challenge Mission in the Game with no other opponents on the track or anyway to hurt yourself with easily net you this Achievement easily cheesing and bypassing having to do this in any Cup.

Drift Beeper King

Yet another one that sounds like a pain in the ass to do but there’s easier way of nabbing this one up to Simply get Ms Puff as a Crew Member by unlocking her by beating the Challenge “Nautical Novice” and once you have her go equip her in the Crew Members Section and pick whatever Cup suits you most

What Ms Puff does is Instantly give you Blue Sparks after starting up a Drift in a matter of seconds and once you get the Blue Drift immediately let go of the Drift Button and use your Blue Drift wait for Ms Puff to Recharge and repeat the process in the races til the Achievement pops.

Ms Puff Recharges rather quickly as well so it shouldn’t be to long before you earn this one in the meantime while she is Recharging try to get a couple Extra Blue Drifts to speed up the process if you can.

Ew Humans!

Another Simple one simply plug in or power on another Controller and play 20 Local Free Races or just grab a Friend to help you out and use Steam Remote Play if you don’t have a Second Controller with you.

You don’t even need the Second Player to finish the Race thankfully the Race will end 60 Seconds later if and the Results will be in once the First Player Passes the Finish Line as if you were just Playing an Online Race in Mario Kart.

Time Trail & Challenges

These are pretty self-explanatory as well in all honestly since the Time Trail Ghosts really aren’t to difficult at all once you get the Games Machines down and under your belt so Il just say this…

If you didn’t beat the Time Trails Ghosts as Danny Phantom then you were doing them wrong and I mean cmon both Achievement Badges for the Time Trail Achievements are Danny Phantom References lol.


Simply Beat All the Time Trail Ghosts.

Simpy Beat all the Challenges the Game has to offer.

You’ll also unlock Squidward April O’Neil Oblina Jenny Gerald & Powdered Toast Man as Playable Characters after beating all of them in a Race after there set of Challenges are done in that order as well if your interested in playing as any of these Characters for the Rest of your Achievement Run.

Shop Achievements

Krabs’ First Dollar & Sweet Sweet Capitalism

I decided to bundle these all simply cause they all have to do with Grinding out and getting Slime Tokens Krab’s First Dollar may be real easy but trust me when I say this… Its nothing compared to the Sweet Sweet Capitalism Achievement.

So, Every Single Race you play theres these little things on the Track Called Slime Tokens picking them up will and holding onto 10 of them at once will allow you to power up Items but your not here to know that right?

So why might I be telling you this you may be asking yourself? Well its because you can only earn 10 Slime Tokens each for every single Race you play granted if you Cross the Finish Line with all 10 Tokens and not lose any by getting hit or falling of the track and each Item in the Shop can cost around 45 to 200 Slime Tokens

Drivers – 2,920 Total Tokens

  • 150 Tokens * 6 = 900
  • 160 Tokens * 5 = 800
  • 170 Tokens * 6 = 1,020
  • 200 Tokens * 1 = 200

Karts – 1,420 Total Tokens

  • 105 Tokens * 2 = 210
  • 115 Tokens * 4 = 460
  • 125 Tokens * 6 = 750

Bikes – 470 Total Tokens

  • 105 Tokens * 1 = 105
  • 115 Tokens * 1 = 115
  • 125 Tokens * 2 = 250

Wheels – 1,980 Total Tokens

  • 20 Tokens * 24 = 480
  • 30 Tokens * 30 = 900
  • 40 Tokens * 15 = 600

Exhaust Pipes – 1,645 Total Tokens

  • 15 Tokens * 24 = 360
  • 25 Tokens * 22 = 550
  • 35 Tokens * 21 = 735

Paint Jobs – 2,215 Total Tokens

  • 45 Tokens * 14 = 630
  • 55 Tokens * 17 = 935
  • 65 Tokens * 10 = 650

Chiefs – 1,010 Total Tokens

  • 90 Tokens * 3 = 270
  • 100 Tokens * 3 = 300
  • 110 Tokens * 4 = 440

Engineers/Mechanics – 1,170 Total Tokens

  • 45 Tokens * 10 = 450
  • 55 Tokens * 6 = 330
  • 65 Tokens * 6 = 390

Sooo that leaves you needing a grand total of 12,830 Slime Tokens meaning you’d probably have to do around 1283 Races just to unlock everything in the shop and get this Achievement and now your probably thinking “Oh well ♥♥♥♥ this ♥♥♥♥ I don’t wanna do that many Races just to grind out all the Tokens I need for an Achievement” However there is a catch to get this done a lot faster…

You see theres A Rocko Challenge in the Game called “Keeping up with The Bigheads” Which you play as Rocko and complete the Lap without bumping into any walls, At the End of the Track there is a total of 5 Slime Tokens you can back up into and collect and wait for them to respawn again then collect them again to get a total of 10 before bumping in the wall and failing the Mission and Since failing the Mission still nets you the Tokens anyway this is the most optimal way of getting the last remaining Slime Tokens you need for the Sweet Sweet Capitalism Achievement and it will most likely be the last Achievement you go for and end up getting to Finish the Game completely

Even with this strategy it still takes a whopping total of **8 TO 10 HOURS** to earn the remaining Slime Tokens you need for this Achievement

As for both Let’s Get Loud & The More, the Merrier Achievements you can either both earn these two Achievements in the Shop or by Completing the Challenges and Races to unlock a couple but its probably easier to just straight up buy them if you didn’t earn these two Achievement Prior to doing the Challenges & Races.

Happy Grinding folks your gonna be sick and tired of doing this Grindy Ass Achievement by the end of the Game I know I was x.x

Miscellaneous Achievements

These I felt fit better off in there own little category considering I feel like you’ll get all of these on your way to the 100% just by playing the Game normally

Push it to the Limit

Simply Drive though Boots Pads placed all over the Tracks self-explanatory.

A True Slime Legend

Achieving a Slime Legend is pretty simple theres these Purple Slime Trail that are kind of like small little Slimy Roller Coasters that also act almost like small little “Shortcuts” or are sometimes part of the Main Tracks to get you somewhere else and are also used to refill your Slime Meter faster by taking them and doing lots of tricks on them simply take one of these paths and time your tricks carefully and don’t hit any railings along the way and you’ll Achieve a Slime Legend for every single one of them.

Slime Nation!

Theres these little things called Kart Washes that are placed around in some tracks when finding a Tracks shortcut simply find any Shortcuts on any Track and drive though 30 of em.


This one can be earned by performing 250 Slime stunts, Slime Stunts are basically the same as performing Tricks in Mario Kart by pressing the a Drift hop button on your perspective Controller on ramps and such just called something different in this Game think it might be self-explanatory but I explained it a little in-depth anyway.

Let the Water.. Flows!

Also pretty self-explanatory since its the same as the COWABUNGA! Achievement only by performing 250 Slime Stunts on waves of water after your vehicle transforms when driving into the Water in this Game

I Double Dare You!

Double Dares are basically like little challenges you can do during Races that can also net you an Item when you Finish and meet the requirements for one when they are turned on simply do 20 of these set little challenges.

Armed and Dangerous

Hit other opponents with Items a grand total of 500 times easily grindable on the Battle Mode of the Game if you didn’t earn this one yet when going for the Krushing It Achievement

Special Items you can occasionally get while Racing im pretty sure don’t count towards this Achievement if another opponent happens to run into and get hit with the Spacial Items if you activated the Item

A Pro Bender

Complete and win any 10 Battles in Battle Mode. This’ll probably be the only one you will go a little out of your way to get after your done with the Races apart from the Remaining Slime Tokens for the Shop Achievements Pretty self-explanatory.

Online Achievements

To put it simply… These ones really suck cause especially the Harmonic Convergence Achievement cause unlike Nickelodeon All Star Brawl its extremely difficult to find anyone to play this Game with you cause the Online is really to almost completely dead and there really isn’t to many folks out there still playing Nick Kart Racers 3 Online even when the Game First Launched luckily I had a couple friends that were willing to help me out with these as well as had interest in playing this Game.

Victorious Rookie Pro & Grandmaster Achievements

Despite the Badge of the Achievements looking like you need to get a total of 500 Online Ranking Points to earn all of these you only 150 Points to unlock them all and the only way to earn Online Ranking Points is to head into the Free Race or Slime Scramble Mode in the Online Mode you can easily boost this with a boosting partner or with a friend cause all you need is one Player for the Online Lobby to Start up a Race after a minute or two with another Player Connecting to Lobby your in or vice versa.

Always Better with Friends

For this one, you’ll need to Create a Private Lobby and play one Race or Battle with someone on your friend list, Pretty self-explanatory.

Harmonic Convergence

For this one, you’ll need to play with at least 3 other Players in an Online or Private Lobby as I said up above this one kind of sucks just cause the Online Mode is kind of dead for this Game but if you can manage to scramble up 3 Friends to do this with or 3 other Boosting Partners this one should easily be a cake walk along with all the other Online Achievements.

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