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No Man’s Sky Instant Millionaire Guide

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can make millions in No Man’s Sky in just a few minutes without using any bugs or exploits. If you’re still in the early to mid-stage of the game, we highly recommend using this method as its requirements are just Chlorine and Oxygen.

While this method can be used during the early and mid-game, it cannot be achieved at the beginning though, as a small amount of progression will be needed. The Introduction + Salvageable Technology Modules.


To complete this method, the following are required:

  • Oxygen (A large amount is recommended)
  • Chlorine (Any amount)
  • Medium Refiner


  • Oxygen is harvested from flora or is purchased at Space Stations.
  • Chlorine is achieved via refining salt/mining planetary minerals/Space Station Trade Terminal.
  • The Medium Refiner is acquired via the Nexus in the Construction Modules section, and costs a number of Salvageable Technology Modules.


Once a Medium Refiner has been constructed, place both Chlorine and Oxygen inside. The Oxygen will expand the Chlorine, making the Refiner generate more Chlorine than there is in the input (This is basically just multiplying the Chlorine). To make 4095 Chlorine (maximum output number), the Medium Refiner will need 4:05 minutes.

No Man's Sky

If you are starting with a small amount of Chlorine in the input section, you can use the output to ‘top-up’ the input Chlorine.

When the Refiner is done processing the materials, you can take your Chlorine to the Space Station Trade Terminal to sell it. To get the most out of this, make sure the system you’re in has an increased selling price, which is located close to the selling price in the trade menu.

One full stack of Chlorine (x 9,999) sells for an equal price of roughly 6,000,000 units, which takes roughly 9 minutes in the Refiner to generate. A full stack of Oxygen (x 9,999) costs 340,000 units, which can be bought from multiple Space Station Terminals throughout the galaxies, or the people within them. If you buy a full stack of Oxygen once you have generated your Chlorine, you are left with a rough profit of 5,660,000 units.

This is only if you stop at one full stack of Chlorine. A full stack of Oxygen will produce a few more stacks of Chlorine before it is depleted.

Additional Notes

  • The people within the Space Station that you can buy Oxygen off are the Starship owners, which may take some time to fly into the Space Station.
  • Because this method takes some time, I like to watch my show and pause the episode every four minutes to collect the Chlorine.
  • This guide was created during the Expeditions update, and may not be accurate in the future.
  • Make sure to keep some of the Chlorine, so you can use it to repeat this method.

Guide by Peanut.

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