Nott Longa Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

This guide aims to help you acquire 100% achievement completion in Nòtt Lönga.

Get Drunk

To get drunk in Nòtt Lönga, you will need to get a bottle of beer from the bartender. However, unfortunately for you, you have no money.

To get some, you need to go to the right, where you will find a group of 3 ladies. The rightmost one will give you 500 Lire for free.

Now, go back to the bartender and buy any bottle of wine.

Lastly, you need to keep repeatedly using the item until you get the achievement.

The Horror

To get this achievement you need to walk over to the port where the large white figure (Borda) is sticking out of the water.

You need to ignore the old man’s advice and stand face to face with the entity.

After a few seconds, you will be told that something bad is going to happen and then get the achievement shortly after pressing the Z key


To get this achievement you need to obtain the Caveja item from behind a tree at the top right of the main area and give it back to the oxen on the left side of the docks. They will then be able to take you to the graveyard, where you can meet the priest. Keep talking to him until you are awarded the achievement.

Here is a video of me getting this strange achievement:


To get this achievement you have to bring the nose pliers from the slaughterhouse back to the lady who asks for her tools. Once you give her the nose pliers you will obtain an item called “Cappelletti”. You need to use it to get the achievement.

The End?

To get this achievement you need to beat the game without helping at least one ghost. Ignore the side-quests and only worry about getting the buttons, which you need to be able to initiate the ending cutscene.

The buttons are granted to you by doing these quests:

Red Button
To the left from where you entered this area, you will encounter the disappearing wall. You need to interact with it in order to see the code.

You need to exit the game and input this code in the main menu(I strongly recommend saving the game at one of the eyes of Nòtt Lönga before quitting!). This will grant you the Unknown Entity, which you need to give to the worm-looking creature at the top of this area.

The worm will then grant you the Red Button.

Yellow Button
To get the yellow button you first need to get a wine bottle (I explain how to do this in the “Get Drunk” achievement section), then get to the graveyard (I explain how to do this in the “Gnosis” achievement section). Now that you are in the graveyard, make your way to its center, where you will find a white skeleton named death.

You need to give him the bottle of wine, so he steps out of the way of the flower he’s guarding. Now, get the flower. This will also reward you with the yellow button.

Blue Button
This one is the most difficult to get. You first need to make your way to the arcade machine located at the bottom right side of the main area.

Then, make your way to the left, until you stumble onto a garden. Go inside it and take the watermelon.

Next, make your way to the man holding a lantern, and give him the watermelon. In return, he will give you the little lamb.

Now, you need to go to the slaughterhouse at the very top right of the area. There, you will see 4 riddles, two already solved. The first two riddles are an ox and a pig, and the fourth one is where you need to insert the little lamb.

You can now enter the slaughterhouse! Follow this path (you can ignore the nose plier and doll though!) and you will make it to the blue button:

Inserting the buttons
Make your way back to the arcade machine and insert the three buttons.

After you do so, you will need to insert the coin, which should award you the achievement!

The End

This achievement requires you to beat the game after helping every ghost. I have made a separate guide covering this achievement in detail.

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