Unpacking Achievements Walkthrough Guide

All 25 achievements explained. This guide contains spoilers!


Make some memories

You will find this camera while unpacking in the 1997 level.

Solve a puzzle

When you find the Rubik’s cube press right click while holding it until it solves itself.

Blast some tunes

Turn on a music player by pressing right click on it.


Finish the 1997 chapter.


Strike a pose

Rotate the mannequin until it dabs by pressing right click while holding it.

A sometimes food

When you unpack the cookie jar, place it on the top shelf in the kitchen (out of reach).

Electrical hazard

Make some toast in the tub.

Get smart

Finish the 2004 chapter.


Game on

Turn on a game console by pressing right click on it.

Hat on head

Place the green cap on the mannequin head located on the top shelf in the dining room.


Finish the 2007 chapter.


Tidy whities

In the bedroom, move all of his underwear to the same drawer.

Have some coffee

Place every coffee-making equipment on the counter.

Too cool

Finish the 2010 chapter.


Rediscover childhood

Take the rolled up poster in the cupboard and place it on the wall.

Home cooking

Finish the 2012 chapter.



Set the time in the microwave (press right click several times on it).

Brilliantly solved

Solve an equation with the fridge magnets.


Finish the 2013 chapter.


Green thumb

Place the 10 plants that are scattered around the rooms.

Fuzzy friends

Place the pig and tiger side by side.


Complete the 2015 chapter.


Baby builder

Build a tower with the blocks.

No place like home

Complete the 2018 chapter.

Gotta flush ’em all

Flush every toilet.

You can go back to the other levels with the album (there are none in 1997 or 2012).

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