Old World

Old World PC Keyboard Controls and Shortcuts

A game developed by Mohawk Games, Old World has been rapidly growing in popularity, and many players have already started their very own dynasty in the game. With the massive wars and strategy of this game, it can be a challenging experience for new players.

The challenges that players will be facing against the rival kings and queens are not as easy as you think. Here, you will get the basic introduction to Old World controls to make things a little bit easier.

Old World Controls

Let’s start with the basic gameplay key bindings and shortcuts of the game.

Toggle City Connection ModeCtrl + R
Chop VegetationR
Spend Training for OrdersO
Next Turn StyleShift + =
Previous Turn StyleShift + –
Increase Turn Timer=
Decrease Turn Timer
MuteCtrl + /
Old World Gameplay Controls

Moving to the next section, we give you the camera controls.

Move NorthW or Up Arrow
Move WestA or Left Arrow
Move SouthS or Down Arrow
Move EastD or Right Arrow
Zoom InPage Up
Zoom OutPage Down
Old World Camera Controls

After the camera controls, you can now navigate the interface of Old World using the following keys.

Clear SelectionEsc
Cycle Idle 11
Cycle/Pass Idle 1Shift + 1
Cycle Idle 22
Cycle/Pass Idle 2Shift + 2
Cycle Idle 33
Cycle/Pass Idle 3Shift + 3
Cycle Idle 44
Cycle/Pass Idle 4Shift + 4
Cycle Idle 55
Cycle/Pass Idle 6Shift + 5
End Turn6
End Turn (Force)Shift + 6
Cycle and Pass Selected UnitSpace
Cycle and Sleep Selected UnitShift + Space
Cycle and Sentry Selected UnitCtrl + Space
Cycle SelectionTab
Cycle SelectionShift + Tab
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
Old World Navigation Controls

Now that you already know the navigation basics, let’s proceed to the overlays.

Hide VegetationZ
Hide ImprovementsShift + Z
Hide UnitsAlt + Z
Hide AllShift + Alt + Z
Lock Zone-of-Control OverlayShift + X
Lock Danger Tiles OverlayShift + C
Lock Promotions and Idle Units OverlayShift + V
Lock Trade Network OverlayShift + B
Lock Roads and Rivers OverlayShift + N
Lock Resources and Improvements OverlayShift + M
Lock Current Yields OverlayShift + Comma
Show Zone-of-ControlX
Show Danger TilesC
Show Promotions and Idle UnitsV
Show Trade NetworkB
Show Roads and RiversN
Show Resources and ImprovementsM
Show Current YieldsComma
Toggle Hex GridShift + /
Hide UIAlt + X
Old World Overlays Controls

Yeah, we know there’s a lot. But don’t worry as we are getting close to the final key controls of Old World. To continue these basic controls, here are the screens, popups, tooltips, saves, and communication key bindings.

Show Victory ScreenF2
Show Inheritance ScreenF3
Show Laws ScreenF4
Show Timeline ScreenF5
Show Tech ScreenF6
Show City ListF7
Show Records ScreenF8
Show Help ScreenF1
Show AI LogShift + F10
Previous Tab/CityQ
Next Tab/CityE
Game EditorShift + `
ConsoleCtrl + Shift + `
Old World Screen Controls
Close PopupEsc
Old World Popup Controls
Expand TooltipAlt
Lock TooltipMiddle Mouse Button
Lock Tooltip (Hold)Shift
Old World Tooltips Controls
Load AutosaveShift + F11
Old World Saves Controls
Chat to AllShift + Enter
Old World Communication Controls

Now, here are the map editor and event browser controls that you should definitely remember.

FillShift + F
UndoZ or Ctrl + Z
RedoShift + Z or Shift + Ctrl + Z
SaveCtrl + S or Alt + S
Increase Brush Size]
Decrease Brush Size[
Toggle Utilities PanelU
Toggle Info PanelI
Toggle Image ProjectorP
Toggle Flying CameraCtrl + F
Old World Map Editor Controls
Go to next inputTab
Go to previous inputShift + Tab
Old World Event Browser Controls

As you can see, there are lots of keyboard shortcuts in the Old World game. However, you can also use your mouse to manually click them. But it’s pretty time-consuming, right? So, make sure you get yourself familiar with these default key bindings and shortcuts.

With all the Old World controls listed above, you’re all set to dominate all the other empires that will try to invade you. What kind of imperial legacy will you leave behind in Old World?

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