OMORI – How to Access the Secret Room in the Library

This guide will be covering the steps on how to access the secret room in the library after defeating Sweetheart. If you think we missed something in this guide, feel free to tell us by leaving a comment below.

OMORI Secret Room Location

OMORI Secret Room

You start out here once you fall down the well. What you need to do is read all of the excerpts of the books in the library. There are 6 different books pertaining to:

  • Beach
  • Juice
  • Tree House
  • School
  • Water
  • Violin

Once you read them all then the room will unlock. It is located through this beam of light. If you come here before unlocking it then it will just indicate that the wall appears hollow.

OMORI Secret Room

A piano, save point, and fruit is located in the room. I suspect that there could be a way to further progress here. The back wall of the room has 3 hollow points.

However, I could just be making assumptions. It could just a fun room with no way to further progress. Anyways, enjoy.

OMORI Secret Room

And that’s all for this little OMORI secret room.

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