One Dog Story

One Dog Story Trophy List and Guide for PS4

Developer and publisher Big Way Games has released the official One Dog Story trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In One Dog Story, players will be collecting 32 trophies consisting of 8 bronze, 19 silver, 4 gold, and 1 platinum trophy. 7 out of 32 trophies are secret. Check out the full One Dog Story trophies for PS4 below.

One Dog Story Trophies

One Dog Story PlatinumYay!Platinum Trophy
BaseballLet’s play baseballBronze Trophy
King of SlugsThe King of Slugs has fallenSilver Trophy
CTHULHUCthulhu has been slainSilver Trophy
HydrophobeHydrophobe is deadSilver Trophy
The Keeper of UnderworldThe Keeper of the Underworld has been annihilatedSilver Trophy
The Rat KingThe Rat King has been destroyedSilver Trophy
The NeedlerThe Needler is neutralizedSilver Trophy
The KeeperThe Keeper has been slaughteredSilver Trophy
Albert (Secret)Albert has been executedSilver Trophy
MercyBrotherly LoveBronze Trophy
BossI’m the boss hereBronze Trophy
Flick is DoomedYou’re on your ownBronze Trophy
Restless mindCalvin's aliveSilver Trophy
Rest In PeaceCalvin's deadSilver Trophy
BonusBonus weaponSilver Trophy
The collectorAll collectables have been foundGold Trophy
Yay!Got all endingsGold Trophy
TiredBe right backSilver Trophy
Drowned (Secret)Drown 5 timesBronze Trophy
Head-on (Secret)Fall off a hoverboard 5 timesSilver Trophy
Yolo (Secret)Die 25 timesSilver Trophy
Fish food (Secret)Gobbled upBronze Trophy
Test pilot (Secret)Abyss-mal fallSilver Trophy
There, I fixed it (Secret)Yay!Silver Trophy
SuperbootsHigh jumpBronze Trophy
Sky's the limitJet pack foundBronze Trophy
DaredevilHoverboard foundSilver Trophy
EasyPiece of cakeSilver Trophy
MediumEverything in moderationSilver Trophy
HardHuh, am I still alive?Gold Trophy
Scrap metalRobot X01 has been destroyedGold Trophy

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