One Piece Oden vs Shutenmaru

One Piece Anime Sees Kozuki Oden Fighting Ashura Doji

One Piece Episode 962 is now live and it features the epic fight between the future Shogun of the Wano Country, Kozuki Oden, and the leader of criminals in Kuri, Ashura Doji.

The fight between these two strong individuals in Wano Country starts when Oden arrives in the land of Kuri. Oden allowed Haki’s energy to flow on his two blades, and he jumps up. When he landed on the ground, the army of the samurai was sent out to fly without being touched. Oden clashes his sword with Ashura Doji, and both of them cancel each other’s attack. Oden asks if he is the boss of the group where the enemy agreed and said he was going to kill Oden, who said he should try to do that.

While Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, and Danjiro are searching for Oden as the rain began to pour. Shortly after, Kinemon and the others reached Kuri and notice that the gate has been cut. Kinemon knows that it was Oden’s doing and they proceed to where Oden is.

The scene moves back to the fight between Oden and Ashura. Ashura Doji remarks that the spoiled fool who grew up in the capital will never understand what it feels like to live in hell. Oden asks if he really wanted to say that, and they’re both sending each other flying. Ashura Doji flickered his sword with his powers and said he was going to destroy Oden.

Oden ordered him to stop barking in a little yard like this. As Ashura puts it, Oden releases his attack called Two Sword Style: Samurai Great Spirit. The two passes through each other, and they were both in separate locations after the blasts.

Meanwhile, Oden’s follower has arrived and witnessed that everything has been destroyed. But they were surprised upon seeing Kozuki Oden sitting on top of the infamous criminal Ashura Dogi. According to Oden, it takes a few days until he managed to defeat all the enemies in Kuri.

The One Piece Episode 962 sees a good ending for both Oden and Ashura Doji. Many fans are shocked upon seeing how Oden lead the region and how he managed to turn it into a new place.

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