Superman vs Saitama

Superman vs Saitama: Who Would Win a Fight?

Several comparisons about who would win a fictitious fight take place here on the internet. Of course, in most cases, the final result cannot be taken literally, as each different universe has its own rules and concepts. But what if we see Saitama and Superman fight?

Saitama, from One-Punch Man, is a guy who, in short, got strong training normal, just like us in the gym, running, etc.

On the other hand, DC’s Superman is an alien that absorbed the sun’s radiation for years and converted it into power.

Of course, a normal person would say that the winner of this fight would be the Man of Steel, after all, what he did is not for everyone. However, today we are going to talk a little about the two in order to unite them in a totally unusual comparison of power.

Superman vs Saitama

Superman vs Saitama

Although he is able to throw buses through the air and even move the Earth, Superman is not the strongest hero of all. During his life, he lost to much weaker characters, something that never happened to Saitama.

Superman (Man of Steel) has exploitable weaknesses, such as Kryptonite, the stone that leaves him vulnerable – magic is also an energy that affects his power.

But aside from the times when he lost and was weakened, Superman has super strength, vision of heat, breath that can freeze everything and much more!

On the other hand, his achievements in the Silver Age were absolute – possibly even Saitama would not be able to defeat him. His power was on the verge of infinity and he was practically invincible – if it weren’t considered, it would be, because no one would be able to defeat him.

In other words, using a few words, Saitama would lose to him in the Silver Age, no doubt about that.

The modern Superman was remodeled to be more realistic – planets erased with a simple sneeze are no longer part of that remodeling – so he would be an opponent who would quench Saitama’s desire to fight the strongest.

The Man of Steel was going to provide the little bit of a challenge, but he would possibly lose.

Saitama was built to deconstruct the stereotype of the hero that has grown strong over time, meaning his strength has not changed since he was introduced. However, he continues to beat entities that throw him to the Moon.

It is difficult to describe the winner of a fight between these two guys, as a single punch from Saitama is enough to end the fight. But if we were to compare Superman with some villain from One-Punch Man, he would be on the same level as Boros, the former enemy of Saitama!

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