One Piece Chapter 1007: Kozuki Oden Reappeared, Hyogoro Survives, and Chopper Attacks Queen

Manga author Eiichiro Oda is back with another epic chapter for his long-time running manga series. In the latest One Piece Chapter 1007, manga fans are caught off guard with the appearance of Kozuki Oden.

Apart from the reappearance of the Oden, the manga chapter also sees some epic action from Chopper and Queen of the Beast Pirates. Read on to learn more details about the action that happened in the 1007th chapter of One Piece manga.

Hyogoro Defeats Orochi Oniwabanshu and Mimawarigumi

Just before losing his mind, Hyogoro has showcased his skills and powers by defeating Orochi Oniwabanshi and Mimawarigumi, the former subordinates of Kurozumi Orochi.

Upon witnessing the defeat of the two powerful groups who have previously served Orochi, X-Drake, Scratchmen Apoo, and the others acknowledged the power of the famous yakuza boss in the land of Wano. “Now I see why the rest of the world fears Wano country,” X-Drake commented.

Chopper Creates a Cure for the Ice Oni Virus

Yatappe was seen preparing to execute Hyogoro once he turns into an Ice demon. When he’s about to attack Hyogoro with his sword, Chopper stopped him and told that he already created a cure. Hyogoro took the cure and the effect immediately kicked in.

At the same time, Chopper also analyzed how the virus works and prepared a cannon equipped with a medicine called Chopper’s Phage Nebulizer. With the help of the canon, anyone who inhaled the cure will be treated simultaneously.

Chopper Attacks Queen

Upon seeing how Chopper managed to create an anti-virus, Queen was seen furious and attacked Chopper. However, he was stopped by his own subordinates who already sided with the Straw Hat Pirates and the others.

Queen’s subordinates grabbed and tried to restrain him. At the same time, Chopper used Monster Point and attacked Queen alongside Marco. Just when his punch lands on Queen’s face, Chopper shouted that his name is not Tanuki, which gives funny face expressions to his allies.

One Piece Chapter 1007
Chopper attacks Queen in Chapter 1007.

Kozuki Oden Reappeared in the Midst of the War

After being defeated by Kaido, the Nine Red Scabbards were seen in a room with an unknown person. In the previous chapters, the only features a silhouette of an individual who seems to be treating the wounded Nine Red Scabbards.

After regaining their consciousness, they asked each other who treated their wounds. Due to the damage they received, they can’t remember who treated them. Kawamatsu told that he got a glimpse of a familiar face but he believes that it was just a dream.

Shortly after, the Nine Red Scabbards hear a familiar voice. The last spread of the chapter sees the reappearance of Kozuki Oden equipped with his two swords and the same outfit as what we have seen in Chapter 961 of the One Piece manga.

One Piece Chapter 1007
Kozuki Oden’s appearance in Chapter 1007.

The surviving Nine Red Scabbards are shocked upon seeing their leader, who is supposed to be dead, standing in front of them.

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