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One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoilers, Release Date: Yamato vs Kaido

Eiichiro Oda has returned with another epic One Piece manga chapter. In the previous manga chapter installation for the One Piece series, the author hyped fans with the upcoming fight between Yonko Kaido and Yamato. Yamato, the first and only known child of a Yonko, will be facing his father in the next chapter of the One Piece manga.

Chapter 1015 starts with Luffy as he was slowly drowning in the seawater. After falling from the flying island of Onigashima, it seems that our main character is about to meet the end of his journey. But fortunately, the members of the Heart Pirates managed to found him before he actually dies.

The new manga also features how Momonosuke bravely announced that Luffy is not yet dead and the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates is about to return. Momonosuke’s voice reached everyone on the island to boosts the morale and fighting spirit of their allies.

In addition to these events, it seems that the soul of Zeus is still intact. But this time, it’s not in the cloud but on Nami’s weapon, Clima-Tact. We didn’t get to see Nami’s reaction in this new chapter, but surely, it will make the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates happy.

And as the manga chapter reached its last page, One Piece features how Yamato confronted his father. Knowing how she adores Oden, it seems that the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1016 will feature the fight between Kaido and her daughter, Yamato. Will Yamato be able to defeat his father? Let’s find out in the next chapter of the One Piece manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1016 Release Date

Will there be a delay for the next issue of the One Piece manga? Fortunately, there will be no break this week, which means that One Piece Chapter 1016 will be available on June 13, 2021, Sunday.

Fans who want to read the upcoming One Piece manga chapter should visit the official manga distributor such as Viz Media and Manga Plus by Shueisha.

One Piece Chapter 1016 Spoilers

As of the moment, there are still no spoilers or raw scans that have been leaked online. Spoilers are usually being released around two to three days before the official release of the manga. That being said, expect to see the spoilers for the next chapter on Friday or Saturday. While we’re still waiting for the next issue, feel free to leave your chapter review and feedback in the comment section below.

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