One Piece Chapter 922 Reveals a Glimpse of Kaido’s Past

One Piece Kaido

What’s happening right now in Wano Arc is faster than expected. Apart from Luffy being able to land a punch against Kaido, One Piece Chapter 922 also reveals a glimpse of Kaido’s past.

If you haven’t read Chapter 922 yet, then here’s a spoiler. Kaido had a little conversation with Shutenmaru and during their small talk, Kaido slipped a word from his past with Shutenmaru.

Kaido And His Past Life

In One Piece Chapter 921, we saw how Kaido made his epic entrance. Kaido asked Jack to bring the Straw Hats and company to him.

Later on, Kaido saw Shutenmaru. Kaido told Shutenmaru that he remembers him and then he invited Shutenmaru to become his subordinate. Kaido also said that he will forget what happened in the past if Shutenmaru joins him.

Interestingly, Shutenmaru also recalls that he had a fight with a dragon in the past. While it was not revealed who the dragon is, there’s a big chance that it was Kaido.

Back on track, Kaido mentioned that he will forget what happened in the past. But what really happened in the past? In my opinion, Kaido is not a creature who will forget a crucial moment in his life.

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The first thing that comes to my mind that connects Kaido and Shutenmaru is the scar on Kaido’s stomach. It’s possible that Shutenmaru or someone related to him gives Kaido that scar.

This could be the reason why Kaido acknowledged his strength and want him to be part of the Beasts Pirates. As we all know, samurais in One Piece are known to cut and kills a dragon. Back in Thriller Bark Arc, it was revealed that Ryoma killed one.

In addition, we already have a glance at Shutenmaru’s strength and I can say that he is stronger than Jack. In fact, Kaido mentioned before that Jack was still kept alive because he is waiting for someone to join him, and it looks like that someone is Shutenmaru.

What do you think about this theory? Do you agree with me that Shutenmaru could be the one who gave Kaido the scar?