One Piece Chapter 927 Orochi Dragon Form

One Piece Chapter 927 Teases Orochi’s 8-Headed Dragon Form

If you’re wondering if Kaido is the only creature that can transform into a dragon in One Piece, it turns out that another man from the Wano Country can also do the same transformation. One Piece Chapter 927 is out, and one of the most exciting parts of this chapter is the sneak peek of Kurozumi Orochi’s dragon form.

Now, before we start, please be reminded that this post contains spoiler. Make sure to read this article at your own risk.

One Piece 8-Headed Dragon Orochi

In Chapter 927, we learned that apart from Kaido, the current shogun of the Wano Country can also transform into a dragon. Orochi appeared behind shoji doors showing a silhouette of a multi-headed dragon.

One Piece Chapter 927 Orochi Dragon Silhouette
One Piece Chapter 927 Orochi Dragon Silhouette

While the silhouette only shows five dragon head, we strongly believe that it was an eight-headed dragon. In the Japanese dragon mythology, there’s an eight-headed and eight-tailed dragon called Yamata no Orochi. Obviously, it is not a coincidence for Oda to give Orochi that name and character.

Knowing that Orochi can also transform into a mighty dragon, we can now tell that he’s a powerful foe that the resistance is going to face. But who will fight against Orochi in the future? Let’s see how things unfold in the next chapter of One Piece.

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