One Piece Chapter 924: Luffy Meets Kid In Jail

One Piece Chapter 924: Luffy Meets Eustass Kid In Jail and Law Escaped

One Piece Chapter 924 spoiler is out and as expected, Kaido brings Luffy to jail where Eustass Kid resides. It appears that the Straw Hat captain is far too weak to defeat Kaido even he’s under the influence of alcohol.

One Piece Chapter 924 Spoiler

Initial English translation of Chapter 924 is now out and if you want to read it, make sure to visit this link. Now, let’s go back to the topic.

In our previous theory for this chapter a few days ago, we claimed that Law would not be able to save Luffy. And yes, it happened. Trafalgar Law tried to save him, but unfortunately, he was hit by a nail made of Seastone that restricts him from using his Devil Fruit power. What’s the good news is that Law still managed to escape from the enemy.

Apart from that, we also mentioned that there’s a chance that Luffy might be meeting Kid in jail. And yes, it’s also happening now. Kaido brings a chained Luffy to the cell where a ragged Kid is also tied up.

Meanwhile, it seems like Kid and Luffy are not the only individuals being imprisoned by Kaido. While Luffy is being brought to his cell, an unknown man hidden in the shadow from another cell throws a bone of a poisonous fish to one of the guards dragging Luffy. The guard fell and looked in the cage where the bone came from and asked who’s there, but nobody responds.

Few more exciting events happened in Chapter 924 such as Inuarashi seeing the beaten Tama, Kinemon seeing Shutenmaru, Staw Hat crew reading a news, and Kid having a Conquerors Haki.

One Piece Chapter 924 is expected to officially release on Monday, November 12th. We encourage everyone to read manga from the official distributors to support both the author and the distributors.