Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 293 Spoilers Leaked Ahead of Its Release Date

Black Clover is a manga written and illustrated by Yuku Tabata. Black Clover’s story revolves around Asta, as he struggles to become the Wizard King.

Chapter 293 will be released on May 23, 2021, but we already have spoilers circulating on the internet.

Black Clover Chapter 293 Spoilers Leaked

The chapter title has not yet been released but we have some brief spoilers for Black Clover 293:

  • Magna is able to use spells without learning them.
  • Zora explains to Magna that she needs a lot of time and patience.
  • Furthermore, the fight between Magna and Dante continues in this chapter. Dante repeatedly tries to attack Magna from different sides.
  • Then we see Magna in a flashback with Captain Yami, where they are talking. So, the fight continues.
  • Dante punches Magna and his face is completely bruised. However, Dante is left without magical power.
  • With both sides weakened, they resort to punches and start punching themselves at the same time.

Where to Read Black Clover Manga?

The Black Clover chapters are available for free to read on  Manga PLUS, Shueisa’s official platform. In addition, you can also find the latest new chapter of the Black Clover manga on Viz Media. Just like Manga PLUS, Viz is also offering free access to the latest chapter of the manga.

About Black Clover

In a world where magic is everything, Asta and Yuno are abandoned in a church on the same day. While Yuno has exceptional magical powers, Asta is the only person in the whole world lacking this gift. At fifteen, both receive grimoires – magical books that amplify the holder’s powers.

Asta receives a rare grimoire of anti-magic, capable of denying and repelling the opponent’s spells. Two opposites that nurture a friendly rivalry, Yuno and Asta are ready to face the most difficult challenges to achieve their common dream: to become the King of Sorcerers. Giving up is not an option!

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