One Piece Chapter 924: Luffy Will Be Joining Kid at Kaido’s Prison?

In One Piece Chapter 923, we saw how Kaido easily defeated Luffy when he swings his club. This causes Luffy to lose his consciousness while dripping blood in the ground. With Luffy’s awful defeat, what will be the future for Kinemon’s plan to take down Orochi?

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Before we continue, please be reminded that this article is based on the author’s theory and personal opinion. Events and happenings that will be mentioned in this post may contain spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Chapters.

Luffy Will Be Meeting Kid In Jail

With Luffy’s current condition, it’s obvious that Kaido will capture and put him in prison. Kaido will be using Luffy to lure his remaining allies so he can take them all at once. While there’s still no news about the Straw Hats and company from the last chapter, what we can do now is assume that they are still alive. Well, it’s not yet the time for them to die.

There’s a chance that Luffy can still escape from Kaido with the help of Law’s ability. However, knowing how Law makes decisions, I think he will not save Luffy this time. Instead, escape from the Beasts Pirates, regroup with the crew, and make a better plan to save Luffy.

Meanwhile, Kaido will be moving the unconscious Luffy to the same place where Kid has been imprisoned. Luffy will regain his consciousness and see himself tied up. Luffy will hear a familiar voice and will see Eustass Kid on the other side, also tied up.

Now, if this theory is correct, then Luffy might get a chance to recruit Kid to fight Kaido and Orochi. It can be remembered that Eustass Kid is the only one who stood up to fight Kaido when they met him on an island during the meeting with Hawkins and Apoo to form an alliance. When Kid decides to join Luffy, the Law, Kid, and Luffy alliance from the past will return. Are you excited to see this team-up once again?

What happens from here is still unknown. One Piece story is so unpredictable. So all we have to do right now is wait for the release of the next chapters.

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