One Piece Chapter 931: Big Mom’s Amnesia, Sanji’s Raid Suit Power Revealed

One Piece Chapter 931 spoilers have arrived and if you haven’t read this chapter yet, then prepare yourself for surprises as this chapter is full of unexpected moments. In addition to the text spoilers, the raw scan for the chapter was also leaked online. Without further ado, here are the initial English translations of the leaked spoilers.

The previous chapter of One Piece manga revealed that Sanji is about to face Page One but since they plan to hide their identity, Oda gave us a glimpse of Sanji’s plan. Before Chapter 930 ends, we saw that Sanji was holding the Raid Suit that was given to him by the Germa 66. If you’re curious if he really used it, well, this chapter is the answer. Apart from the Raid Suit, another turn of events is about to happen with Big Mom and the Straw Hats.

Raid Suit No. 3 – Stealth Black

Fans already saw some of the capabilities of the Raid Suit during the Whole Cake Island arc, but it’s obvious that its full potential was not revealed. With the Raid Suit No. 3, fans are about to learn more about its power.

According to the leaked details, One Piece Chapter 931 reveals that Sanji’s Raid Suit has an invisibility power which will grant the user to become invisible, similar to Absalom’s devil fruit.

Big Mom Loses Her Memory

Unfortunately, no one from the Big Mom pirate crew managed to save their captain from drowning but she still survives. While seeing Big Mom alive is good news for her crew, an unexpected turn of events happened.

Chopper, Tama, Momonosuke, and others have found Big Mom on a beach. Seeing Big Mom in front of them is scary but what happened is that Big Mom can’t remember anything at all as it was revealed that she loses her memory.

Big Mom is on a serious injury and Chopper being a doctor, is he going to treat her injury despite the fact that she is an enemy? With Big Mom having no memories at all, is she going to be an ally to help the Straw Hats take down the Beasts Pirates? Let’s see how things unfold in One Piece!

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