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One Piece: Kaido’s True Form Before He Becomes a Devil Fruit User

With the shocking revelation in One Piece Chapter 921, there’s something that bothers me about Kaido’s Mythical Zoan Fruit. In the latest chapter, we saw that a Dragon appeared in the sky and at the end, Law revealed that the Dragon is Kaido.

This One Piece theory about Kaido is a bit confusing but it does make sense.

Kaido’s True Form is a Dragon

During the fight between Shutenmaru and Jack, the sky went dark and a huge Dragon appeared in front of them. The Dragon speaks and asked Jack to bring those kids, referring to the Straw Hats. Law revealed that the Dragon is Kaido that shocked the Straw Hat pirates and their company.

Kaido's Dragon Form
Kaido’s Dragon Form

Now let’s go back to the previous story about Kaido. As we all know, Kaido is having a hard time trying to kill himself. He tried drowning in the sea and jumping from the Sky Island but he still survives.

During his era, it is said that Kaido has been defeated several times as a pirate. It was also revealed that the Marines also managed to capture him and tried to execute Kaido. However, after many attempts, they still failed to kill Kaido. But why? They have a sea stone that can nullify the power of the Devil Fruit.

Since Kaido is now confirmed to be a Devil Fruit user, it doesn’t make sense why the sea stone doesn’t affect him at all and still survive from the Marine’s execution.

In my opinion, it’s because Kaido is a Dragon who ate a Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a human form. This is actually possible as the Straw Hat already have one member, it’s Chopper.

Chopper ate Hito Hito no Mi (Human-human Fruit) that allow him to understand human language, learn the same knowledge, and can transform at will. Since this Devil Fruit already existed, there’s a big chance that similar Devil Fruit has been eaten by Kaido.

Big Mom Called Kaido a Thing
Big Mom Called Kaido a Thing

It makes sense why Kaido has been dubbed as the Strongest Creature in the World and also called as a Thing by Big Mom instead of human. It also makes a point why the Marine’s execution failed since if they don’t use a sea stone, they will be crashed, and if they use a sea stone, Kaido transforms into his real form, which is a dragon and will also dominate them.

What do you think about this theory? Let us hear your opinion about Kaido’s true form by leaving a comment below.

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