One Piece Chapter 932: Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Release Date

Looking forward to the next chapter? Well, it seems like fans are getting it early as the newest One Piece Chapter 932 spoilers and raw scans have arrived.

Just a reminder to all our readers, this website or the author does not create or take part in the creation of the spoilers that will be mentioned in this post. Leaked details in this article are found in an open source on the web and posted here for the chapter discussion. Without further ado, here is the One Piece Chapter 932 spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 932 Spoilers

According to the leaked details, the title of the chapter is Shogun and Oiran. The chapter cover features Caesar Clown who wrote something on paper and a goat eat it.

Moving to the content, Robin was caught red-handed by the Orochi Oniwabanshu. Fukurokuju attacks Robin but he hits nothing as it was a fake Robin made by her ability. During the escape, Robin calls Nami, Brook, and Shinubo informing them that there are ninjas around.

The scene moved to Orochi while he’s talking about the 20th year after Oden died. Toki says that Oden’s will is still alive but one of the subordinates replied that they are getting tired of the story. Orochi acknowledges the strength of the Nine Red Scabbard and mentioned that Kinemon has the potential to be a good leader. Orochi seems like he knows what Straw Hats and the others did as he said that the incident that previously happened was all because of Kinemon.

Following what Orochi said, Kyoshiro said that he hopes that they were revived so he can take them down. In the middle of their conversation, Orochi got pissed because of Otoko’s laugh but Komurasaki stands and gives him a slap. Orochi is now mad and turns himself into his Zoan form. With the chaos going around, Kyoshiro finally lays a hand to his sword.

One Piece Chapter 932 Release Date

This chapter will officially release on February 11th along with the next Shonen Jump magazine issue. As usual, digital scans of the chapter releases earlier so expect to see it in the next few days. We highly encourage everyone to read the latest chapter of One Piece from the official manga distributor.

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