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One Piece Sets Up Luffy’s Fight Against Page One and Ulti

The Wano Country Arc is getting close to its climax and the author, Eiichiro Oda, is doing a great job preparing all the things before the war starts. Following Luffy and Zoro’s actions in the previous One Piece manga chapter, it seems that the main protagonist is about to get himself into another trouble. As seen in the previous chapter, One Piece accidentally bumped with the two members of the Beast Pirates’ Flying Six.

Warning! If you’re not reading One Piece manga or haven’t read the latest Chapter 982 of One Piece yet, you may want to skip this article as we will be diving into some spoilers for the One Piece Wano Arc!

Following the great escape that Luffy, Zoro, Kid, and Killer, it seems that Luffy is about to get himself into another fight as he confronts Ulti, one of the Flying Six of the Beast Pirates. This happened after Ulti and Page One bumped with Luffy who is taking care of the enemies chasing them.

Page One and Ulti are members of the Flying Six and they are ordered by Kaido to find his son, Yamato. To recall why the two are rushing, Kaido has ordered them to find Yamato and as a reward for finding his son, they will be given a chance to fight any of the All-Stars and take their positions if defeated.

All the members of the Flying Six rushed to find Yamato, except for Black Maria who stayed beside Kaido and Orochi. As Page One and Ulti started searching for Kaido’s son, Ulti got tired and can no longer stand on her feet. Knowing that Page One is with her, Ulti decides to jump on his back for a piggyback ride. As a result, Page One lost his balance and falls to the ground where Luffy is standing.

Before the chapter ends, Luffy was seen staring to Ulti while both of them are asking what do they want. Will there be a fight between Ulti and Luffy? Knowing that Page One is also there, will he be helping Ulti if she engaged in a fight against Luffy?

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