One Piece Chapter 938

One Piece Chapter 938 Spoilers, Predictions, and Release Date

One Piece Chapter 937 was released last week and thankfully, we already got to see Zoro back in action. The previous chapter started with Luffy in the ring where he already defeated a lot of enemies. However, Luffy is still working on his Haki. Our protagonist is getting stronger in the Mine Prison and he wants to reach the same level as Rayleigh.

At the other side of the country, Zoro is fighting Gyukimaru, but then Otoko showed up while being chased by an assassin. In a fight that didn’t last long, Zoro defeated the assassin using his three sword style technique.

Update: Read One Piece Chapter 938 official spoilers!

For the upcoming One Piece Chapter 938, we might be seeing more mysteries about the Haki and their abilities. We may also be seeing Big Mom arrive in the Mine Prison where she will fight Queen for one obvious reason, food.

If the two fights, we will be seeing Queen’s Devil Fruit in the next chapter. Seeing that Big Mom arrives in the Udon along with Chopper and the others, Queen will assume that she formed an alliance with the Straw Hats.

Queen will immediately send someone to report what he saw to Kaido and Orochi which may lead to another twist. While Queen and Big Mom fights, Luffy and Hyo will escape after they remove the exploding collar. We may also see Raizo coming back to Kawamatsu’s prison to free him.

One Piece Chapter 938 will be officially available on April 1, 2019. The digital scans usually come earlier, so expect to see it this weekend.


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