‘One Piece’ Chapter 959 Delayed; New Release Date Revealed

One Piece Wano Arc Act 3 finally starts in the previous chapter and while everyone is expecting a smooth plan for Luffy and the others, an unexpected incident happened a night before the scheduled raid.

The members of the Nine Red Scabbards along with Momonosuke have gathered at the meetup location but they have found nothing. The plan was to reunite at Port Tokage to commence their attack but it seems that port has been attacked.

Luffy, Grandpa Hyo, Law, and the other allies are all missing. All the ships that they prepared and the recruited soldiers from the Udon prison are also gone. Before the chapter ends, Shogun Orochi confirmed that there was an incident happened the night before the raid.

But what exactly happened at Port Tokage? Where are Luffy and the others? These are the questions that need to be answered as soon as possible. Unfortunately, for One Piece fans who are waiting for the next event, you will not be getting the answer that you’re looking for this week.

As revealed in the previous chapter, there will be no new One Piece manga chapter this week, which only means that One Piece Chapter 959 will be delayed. However, it will return on October 21st along with the weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue.

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