One Piece: Wano Arc

‘One Piece’ Chapter 960 Spoilers, Release Date: Kozuki Oden’s Flashback

Following the emotional scenes and some flashbacks in the previous chapter, One Piece manga is about to get a brand new chapter this week. Fans are still waiting for Eiichiro Oda to reveal what happened to Luffy and the others and with the impending One Piece Chapter 960, fans may be getting the answers that they want.

Before the new chapter officially releases, the One Piece community is usually getting an early spoiler of the upcoming chapter. Having that said, here are the initial One Piece Chapter 960 spoilers and raw scans leaked online.

One Piece Chapter 960 Spoilers

According to the leaked spoilers, One Piece Chapter 960 will be featuring a flashback from the previous lives of the characters in Wano Arc including Oden, Kinemon, and more. Kozuki Sukiyaki said that Kozuki Oden made unbelievable actions during his young age such as spending money in the red light district of Wano, making his own name in the underworld, and even arrested for fighting the people in the underworld. In addition, it is said that Kozuki Oden is the one who started the chaos of Harem.

Apart from Oden’s past, the spoilers also revealed that Kinemon was a punk in the past and he was in debt to Hyo. Kinemon was also seen taking other’s belongings such as wallets and a pig named Mountain God. With the pig being captured, it attracts thousands of wild boards that attacked the Capital which caused injuries to the civilians.

One Piece Chapter 960 Release Date

Since there is no delayed announcement, expect to see the digital scans of the new One Piece Chapter 960 on October 27th. There are lots of sites where you can read the One Piece manga but we highly recommend reading One Piece Chapter 960 from the official distributor such as Manga Plus and Viz.