One Piece Chapter 995

One Piece Chapter 995 Spoilers, Release Date: Yamato Defends Oden’s Son

Eiichiro Oda just released the latest chapter of One Piece manga and fans can’t contain their excitement for the chapter of the manga series. Following the events in Chapter 994, we are now going to see more action in the Wano Arc Country in One Piece Chapter 995.

It’s good to see that there is no flashback for the manga series as we are still getting the continuation of the war in Onigashima between the Straw Hat Pirates and its alliance against the two powerful Emperors of the Sea, Kaido and Big Mom.

As seen in the previous chapter, Okiku didn’t show any signs of losing his hope after losing an arm. Meanwhile, we also got to see one of the All-Stars of the Beast Pirates, Queen, putting pressure to Scratchmen Apoo after giving him the antidote.

One Piece Chapter 995

The last highlights and the cliffhanger of the One Piece Chapter 994 were focused on Momonosuke, Shinubo, and Yamato. In case you’re not aware, they are still running away to bring Momonosuke to a safe place after being rescued by Sanji.

Due to the swarming enemies in front of them, Shinubo faced a lot of troubles and gives herself a lot of wounds. Fortunately, Yamato stood up in front of them and deflects all the incoming attacks.

At the same time, we also got to learn how Yamato tried to save Momonosuke from his father twenty years ago. It turns out that while she is willing to help Momonosuke who is being dangled by Kaido during that time, she can’t do anything as she is still a kid and powerless.

Now, Yamato will be facing all the enemies in front of them to defend the young lord and Shinubo. Will she be able to withstand all the incoming attacks? Or are we going to see one of the members of the alliance showing up to help them?

Let’s see how things unfold once the latest One Piece manga chapter releases. So, when will it be released and where to read One Piece Chapter 995 online?

One Piece Chapter 995 Release Date

Unfortunately, One Piece fans will have to wait for two weeks as Eiichiro Oda and his team will be taking a one-week break from the office. This only means that there will be no new manga chapter next week.

As stated in the last spread of the previous chapter, One Piece Chapter 995 will be officially released on Sunday, November 15, 2020. You can read the upcoming chapter, as well as the previously released chapters of the One Piece manga on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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