One Piece Chapter 925 Predictions

One Piece Chapter 925: Expectations and Release Date

Ever since the Wano Arc started, we’re all excited to read the new manga chapter. Next week, we will be heading towards One Piece Chapter 925. So before the new chapter releases, we’re going to discuss things that may happen.

Update: One Piece Chapter 925 spoilers and raw scans are out!

In the previous chapter, we see how Luffy ended up in jail along with Eustass Kid and the mysterious prisoner. We also see that the other Straw Hat members survived from Kaido’s attack and how Law escaped from Hawkins. Also, One Piece revealed that chapter 924 is the end of Wano Arc Act 1.

Now that we’re heading to One Piece Chapter 925, we’re expecting to see more actions, revelations, and mind-blowing plot in the story. While most of us are excited to see Chapter 925 this week, it’s sad to say that the chapter release has been delayed until next week. So before the new chapter releases, here are our expectations for One Piece Chapter 925.

One Piece Chapter 925 Expectations

This new chapter will mark the opening of Wano Arc Act 2. However, there’s a chance that we will be moving back from the Reverie Arc that left us hanging a few months ago.

If the Wano Arc Act 2 begins, we might be seeing the gathering of the team, make a plan to rescue Luffy, and continue gathering the remaining samurai. We already saw that Kinemon called Shutenmaru as Ashura Doji. We might also be seeing more of Zoro while he continue to exploring the Wano Country.

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Just as mentioned, Reverie Arc may also return in the next chapter. Few mysteries and questions need some answers in this arc. Who is the pirate that Shanks has been talking about and who is Im-sama?

One Piece Chapter 925 Release Date

Again, Chapter 925 is not releasing this week. We’ve been getting new chapters for four consecutive weeks without delays, so at least give Oda the time to rest for this week. One Piece Chapter 925 is coming out next week in Jump Issue 52. As usual, expect to see initial spoilers and raw scans before the official release on November 26th.

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