One Piece

One Piece Cliffhanger Teases Eustass Kid’s Revenge to Scratchmen Apoo

One Piece manga just dropped the latest Chapter 980 and fans get what they are expecting to Luffy. In the previous chapter, we have seen how Luffy started to get mad towards the enemies. After he can no longer control his anger, he suddenly attacked the enemies.

With the created commotion by our main protagonist, Zoro shows up with an unhappy face because of his captain’s action. But Luffy explained why he did it and upon learning that it was because of the wasted oshiruko, Zoro was also triggered and get mad.

As a result, Luffy and Zoro continued the brawl which caught the attention of Scratchmen Apoo, one of the worst generations and a member of the Beasts Pirates. He reported the unexpected appearance of the Straw Hats to Queen.

Knowing that Luffy is supposed to be at the prison and Queen handles that area, the All-Star member told his subordinates that anyone who caught the Straw Hat Pirates will be rewarded. The reward is a spot for the Tobiroppo, which he claims that one seat will be emptied because he will be taking down one of the current members of the group.

His subordinates tried to attack Luffy but they were overpowered. However, that’s not the case when Apoo joined the hunt where his attack hits the two Straw Hat members.

At the same time, Eustass Kid, who was watching from afar is about to take advantage of the commotion but his attention was caught with Apoo’s appearance. Apoo is about to attack Luffy and Zoro who are trying to escape but before he throw his attack, Kid suddenly appeared with his huge raging metal fist.

Appo was caught off guard with the surprise attack from Kid. In the past, Apoo and Kid had a confrontation at Sabaody Archipelago but they decide to postpone the fight until they entered the New World.

During the time skip, Apoo joined the Beasts Pirates after almost getting killed by the Big Mom Pirates. Knowing how powerful the crew behind his back, Apoo decides to join the meeting with Kid and Hawkins for a supposed pirate crew alliance. However, it was just a setup to force the fellow pirates to join the Kaido and his crew. Eustass Kid felt betrayed and started to hold a grudge towards Apoo.