One Piece Sabo's Death

One Piece: Did Sabo Died During The Reverie Infiltration?

The release of One Piece Chapter 956 surely did a huge impact in the pirate world. While Luffy and the others are busy preparing for the raid in Onigashima, the rest of the world are celebrating for the abolishment of the Shichibukai system.

However, it seems that not all are happy with the results of the Reverie. One of the main highlights of One Piece Chapter 956 is the reaction of the people who personally know Sabo. Upon reading the news, the Revolutionary Army leaders, Makino, and Sterry are shocked at what they learned about Sabo.

There are lots of speculation going around whether if Sabo died, captured, or did something terrible. Well, here’s our theory about their reaction to the news about Sabo.

One Piece Sabo
One Piece Sabo

Is Sabo Dead?

Looking at Dragon, Koala, Makino, and other’s reaction after reading the news, we can really tell that something bad happened to Sabo. The first thing that came into my mind is that Sabo was killed during the Reverie.

The chapter did not confirm if Sabo actually died, but analyzing the situations, I think Sabo is still alive but he was in a difficult situation. Here’s what I think what happened during the Reverie.

As we all know, Cobra, the leader of Alabasta, is sick. During the Reverie, Cobra may have died because of his illness and the world government blamed Cobra’s death to Sabo. Remembering the previous chapter of the manga, we have seen the Gorosei asking Im, an extremely high-ranking individual in the World Government, who is the next person to be eliminated. One of them is Vivi who is also in the Mary Geoise for the Reverie.

The first few pages of Chapter 956 mentioned Vivi and Alabasta. Now, assuming that the king of Alabasta is no longer alive, Gorosei can execute their mission to kill Vivi without any conflict, which gets me thinking of Sabo saving Vivi. Sabo may have successfully saved her but as a result, the world government accused him of killing Cobra and kidnapping, which is what Morgan wrote in the newspaper.

Another theory is that Sabo is alive but captured by the World Government. Knowing that Sabo is the second strongest member of the Revolutionary Army, his arrest will surely bring a huge loss to their cause. There’s a chance that the article in the news includes of Sabo being executed as soon as possible. Reading this news surely brings tears to the eyes of Makino and Koala.

Do you also believe that Sabo is still alive? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.