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One Piece: Did Shutenmaru Cause The Scar In Kaido’s Body?

One Piece hype is real right now. In One Piece Chapter 922, it has been revealed that Shutenmaru fought Kaido in the past. And for that reason, one thing came into my mind. Did Shutenmaru leave the scar in Kaido’s stomach?

There are a lot of things happened in One Piece Chapter 922. One of them is the revelation of Shutenmaru’s previous fight against Yonko Kaido.

Shutenmaru Vs Kaido

One Piece Chapter 921 ended with Kaido appearing in the sky and in Chapter 922, we finally get to know more about Kaido. Surprisingly, it seems like Shutenmaru fought with Kaido in the past.

During their reunion in Chapter 922, Kaido invited Shutenmaru to join his crew. Shutenmaru recalls that he fought a dragon in the past and it looks like that Dragon is Kaido. While it was not revealed if he killed it or not, the fact that Kaido remembers, only means that the dragon he fought is Kaido himself.

One Piece Jack vs Shutenmaru
One Piece Jack vs Shutenmaru

Now, we already saw a glimpse of Shutenmaru’s strength in Chapter 921 and with Kaido’s invitation in Chapter 922, it’s clear that Shutenmaru is a formidable character in One Piece. So, the question here is who scarred Kaido in the past?

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Right now there are two characters that came to my mind. One is Ryuma from the Thriller Bark Arc and the other is Shutemnaru.

One Piece: Ryuma and Shutenmaru
One Piece: Ryuma and Shutenmaru

Ryuma is a known samurai in Wano because he killed a dragon and almost killed another dragon. This may be the reason why Moriah reanimated Ryuma after learning that he killed a dragon. Moriah wants to use Ryuma’s strength to get revenge against Kaido after he lost in the New World.

Ryuma was my first choice for Kaido’s scar before. But now that Shutenmaru made his entrance, I think that he’s now the best contender for Kaido’s scar.

Kaido acknowledged Shutenmaru’s strength and he even invited him to join the Beasts Pirates. Kaido even said that if Shutenmaru becomes his subordinate, he will forget what happened in the past.

For Kaido being able to remember the past, that only means that something crucial happened. It could be the fight between him and Shutenmaru. Since it was a crucial fight, there’s a big chance that Shutenmaru was able to land damage on Kaido and leave him a big scar.

What do you think about this theory? Do you agree with me that Shutenmaru is the one who caused the scar on Kaido’s stomach? Or do you prefer to choose Ryuma over Shutenmaru?

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