One Piece Episode 859 – Rebellious Daughter Spoiler and Release Date

One Piece Episode 858 did not give us the action that we wanted, however, on Episode 859, the action that we are looking for is about to come.

Before we start, we would like to remind our readers that this post contains spoilers for the upcoming One Piece Episode 859. Continue reading at your own will.

One Piece Episode 859 Spoiler.

Episode 858 ended with a scene from Cacao Island showing Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon finished cooking the ingredients they needed to make the cake that Big Mom is looking for. Obviously, Episode  859 will cover the development of the wedding cake.

Here comes the spoiler. Chiffon, Pudding, and Sanji have finished remaking the wedding cake without decorations. Since there is not enough time, the three are planning to decorate it inside the ship.

However, when they’re about to leave, Charlotte Oven stopped them and demanded Chiffon to stay. This is because she is considered as a traitor since she’s the wife of Bege, who planned to assassinate Big Mom.

One Piece Episode 859
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Pound saw what Oven did to her daughter and was about to attack Oven. Pound attacked Oven and Sanji took this opportunity to kick Oven while covering his identity behind Pound. Sanji will, later on, save and hide Chiffon from Oven.

Unfortunately, Oven still finds Chiffon. Oven will receive a call telling him that the Fire Tank Pirates is on their way to Cacao Island. After learning this intel, Oven asked for a loudspeaker. He talked to Bege and told him that he Chiffon is on his hand and in order to save her, Bege is asked to surrender.

One Piece Episode 859 Release Date

One Piece episode usually came out every Sunday, so expect to see Episode 859 on October 28, 2018.