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How to Watch One Piece Anime Without Fillers (Episode Guide)

Written by Eiichiro Oda, the One Piece series had its first chapters published in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. The One Piece anime has almost 1000 episodes that are filled with filler episodes. Today we will put together a complete guide on how to watch One Piece without filler!

First of all, it is important to remember that the story, which revolves around Luffy in search of treasure and becoming the King of the Pirates, is divided into several different sagas and arcs.

East Blue Arc

This saga has 8 arcs, of which only the last one is filler. So, skip from episode 54 to episode 61.

Alabasta Arc

This is the second saga, being considered the true beginning of the history of One Piece. The filler episodes are from 131 to 135.

Skypiea Arc

This saga has 3 filler arches: Isle of Sheep, Rainbow Fog, and G-8 Arch. Then, skip the episodes: 136 to 138; 139 to 143; and 196 to 206.

Water 7 Arc

The fourth saga of One Piece has only 1 filler bow: Arco Dream of the Ocean (episodes 220 to 224 ). Other than that, episodes 279 through 283; 291 and 292; 303, can also be skipped. In addition, episode 317 to 319 are also filler.

Thriller Bark Arc

Skip episodes 326 through 336; also skip from 382 to 384.

Marineford Arc

Here we have 7 arcs but few fillers. Skip episodes 406 and 407; 426 to 429; 457 and 458; 492; 497 to 499  506.

Fishman Island Arc

In this arc, we have a two-year time skip. The only filler is episode 542.

Pirate Alliance Arc

3 filler bows: Z Ambition, Recovering Caesar, and Silver Mines, respectively: 575 to 578; 626 to 628; 747 to 750.

Yonkou Arc

Finally, here is the most recent One Piece saga. There are 9 arcs, of which 3 are filler. Skip the episodes: 775; 780 to 782; 807; 881; 895 and 896; 907.

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