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One Piece Anime Detailed How Kinemon and the Others Traveled Through Time

Eiichiro Oda’s anime adaptation of One Piece is getting more interesting as the main characters in the Wano Arc revealed that they came from the past.

One Piece Episode 910 just went live and fans are getting crazy about the time travel events. According to Kinemon, he, along with Momonosuke and the others came from 20 years ago and was sent to the present time. But how did it happen?

It is because of the Paramecia devil fruit of Kozuki Toki known as Toki Toki no Mi or Time-Time Fruit which has the ability to send anyone to the future. Toki is the biological mother of Momonosuke, and as shown in the latest One Piece episode, she used the ability of the devil fruit to send them 20 years in the future.

One Piece Time Time Fruit
One Piece Time Time Fruit

Momonosuke’s mother died during the fire in the Kuri Castle 20 years ago. With her death, the devil fruit has returned into circulation. Currently, no one knows if someone has already eaten the devil fruit again.

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