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What Happened to the Dragon Ball GT Characters After the Ending?

The release of Dragon Ball Super came and made it clear once and for all that Dragon Ball GT was a spin-off series, which is not part of the canonical universe of Goku and his friends.

Still, Dragon Ball GT is considered a great job, mainly because it has the participation of authors of Dragon Ball Z, in addition to the animation studio itself.

For this reason, it is natural that many fans feel curious about the events after Dragon Ball GT, especially considering that the end of the series is a great mystery to this day.

Fortunately, GT’s story continued in video games. In the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, the player travels through time to different moments in history and, among them, we have Dragon Ball GT, where the user collaborates with Goku from this place.

In addition, the same happened in Dragon Ball Heroes. There we discover that Goku is no longer a child thanks to the help of a Dragon. That is, he returned to normal.

Gohan is also no longer a shame, in Vegeta’s words. That’s because he reached Super Saiyan 4:

Dragon Ball GT

It is also revealed that Goku has recovered his magic staff, which has been with him since childhood.

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