One Piece Big Mom

One Piece Episode 927 Release Date, Spoilers: Big Mom Lost Her Memory

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece episode 926 caught fans off guard after the unexpected twist in the Wano Country Arc. After getting knocked off by King during their arrival in the Wano Country, Chopper and the others found the unconscious Yonko Big Mom in Kuri Beach.

Knowing how powerful the Yonko is, Chopper and the others tried to escape but it’s too late as the Yonko already wakes up. However, it seems that things are not normal to her when she started asking about where she is and who she is. It turns out that Big Mom is experiencing a short term memory loss or amnesia after surviving the rough sea. Will Chopper decide to help the Yonko? Let’s see how things unfold in One Piece Episode 927.

When is the One Piece Episode 927 release date?

If the series does not encounter any last-minute delay or schedule changes, One Piece Episode 927 will be released on Sunday, April 5, 2020, at exactly 09:30 (JST). Note that the mentioned date and time is based on the air date in Fuji TV in Japan. Meaning, you have to adjust it depending on your timezone.

Partnered streaming sites will also upload the series on their platform as soon as the episode finished airing in Fuji TV. You can watch Episode 927 on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Animelab, and more.

What to expect in One Piece Episode 927?

The upcoming episode will feature the continuation of the Wano Arc in the series. Instead of running away, Chopper will go back to Big Mom to attend her wounds. Chopper and the others will be bringing Big Mom to Okobore Town where she received food from Tsuru.

Meanwhile, at the capital, Shogun Orochi started talking about the ghost of the past. The people around find the shogun idea absurd but they are trying their best not to laugh or else Orochi will kill them. However, someone was heard laughing out loud which triggered the madness of the shogun. It was Komurosaki’s assistant, Toko, who was already introduced in Episode 920 when she lined up to get Sanji’s soba.

Will Komurosaki be making a move to save the little girl? What will the Straw Hat’s interfere in this commotion? Check out the episode preview below.