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‘One Piece’ Latest Manga Chapter Confirms Yonko Kaido’s Son

The newest One Piece manga chapter has just confirmed that Yonko Kaido, the strongest creature in the world, has a son.

After taking down the opponent, Luffy and the alliance are now finally heading to Onigashima to take on Kaido and Orochi. While Kinemon is discussing their plans, the Straw Hat pirates vanished in front of them. It turns out that they went straight ahead

Denjiro got worried after seeing a huge explosion at the port as he forgot to tell them about the port guardians. However, they were shocked upon seeing that the Straw Hats easily took care of the opponent.

Just before the chapter ends, the last spread of chapter 977 revealed a surprising truth about Kaido. While the Big Mom and Shogun Orochi are all excited about the banquet, Kaido was seen not in a good mood after not seeing his son in the area.

“What’s that guy doing,” Kaido asked his subordinate. “My son! He should at least show his face! This is a banquet! Search for him”, the Yonko added, putting pressure on his subordinates.

This is the first time that the story confirmed that Kaido has a blood-related family. But who is his son? Is he the dragon-looking silhouette shown in one of the panels of One Piece chapter 977?

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