Law Kid Luffy Alliance

One Piece: Law Kid Luffy Alliance Might Return In Wano Arc

With Luffy’s defeat in One Piece Chapter 923, it’s obvious that Kaido will take and imprison him along with Kid. And from there, the reformation of Law Kid Luffy alliance will begin.

Now, the question is how will the Law, Kid, and Luffy alliance be reformed again? Back in Chapter 923, we saw how Kaido easily defeats Luffy with a single blow. Luffy falls in the ground and loses his consciousness.

For the upcoming One Piece Chapter 924 and so on, we might be seeing Law leaving Luffy behind in the battlefield. We know the nature of Law, he doesn’t want to take actions without planning. So there’s a big chance that he will escape from the Beasts Pirates, regroup with the allies, and make a plan to save Luffy.

Meanwhile, Kaido will bring Luffy to his cell where Eustass Kid was also imprisoned. Luffy will wake up seeing himself tied up just like what we saw during Kid’s awful appearance in the past. As Luffy try to gain his consciousness, he will hear a familiar voice. Immediately, he will be seeing Kid on the other side of the cell, also tied up.

From that moment, the Law-Kid-Luffy alliance reformation is about to begin. Luffy will have a conversation with Kid and then recruit him to join the alliance to defeat Kaido and save the country. Remembering what happened in the past, Eustass Kid is the only one who fought Kaido that even his former crew member, Killer, abandoned him and became an underling of the Yonko. That reason is enough for him to join Luffy and also make his way to escape from being imprisoned.

The Heart Pirates, Straw Hats, and the Samurai will then save Luffy and Kid from Kaido. Once the rescue mission is successful, the Law-Kid-Luffy alliance has returned. The next thing they have to do is to plan how to defeat the strongest creature in the world.

While it’s good to see the return of Law-Kid-Luffy alliance, I don’t think it is enough to take down Kaido. As we all know, there are still big names on Kaido’s side that they need to look out.

What happens from here is I cannot say. But as usual, I will be making a more exciting theory for the events that may happen during the Wano Arc as soon as we get a new chapter.

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