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‘One Piece’ Manga Finally Revealed The Man Who Scarred Kaido

Eiichiro Oda’s greatest hit manga, One Piece, is still full of unanswered questions from fans. One of these questions that many are asking since Kaido’s first appearance is the scar on his body. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait anymore as the latest One Piece manga chapter finally revealed how and who scarred Kaido.

If you’re a fan only following the series in the anime, please be warned that this post contains spoilers from the manga. If spoilers don’t bother you at all, let’s continue.

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The reveal happened in One Piece Chapter 970 where it was set during the time of Kozuki Oden’s return to the Land of Wano. Instead of a warm welcome to finally seeing his home country, Oden saw a miserable situation of the citizen. Oden tried to reclaim the country but Shogun Orochi and his men stopped him.

During that time, Orochi also made a deal with Kaido – to enhance their power and manufacture weapons. The young Lord made a deal with Orochi but the Shogun failed to fulfill their deal. Kozuki Oden gets mad and gathered his men to fight Orochi and Kaido.

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The battle between Oden and Kaido’s force began. During the head-to-head fight, Oden managed to inflict Kaido the scars on his chest using his two-sword style attack. Everything is going well when an unexpected thing happened. Kozuki Momonosuke is being held as a hostage by the enemy. Oden saw that his son is in danger which distracts him and caught off guard by Kaido’s attack. It turns out that it was Kurozumi Higurashi, who just copied Momonosuke’s appearance to distract Oden.

Kozuki Oden and his nine subordinates got defeated and were thrown to the prison at the Flower Capital. They were accused of plotting against Shogun Orochi and were sentenced to be executed in 3 days.

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