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One Piece Chapter 925: Is This a Plot For Dracule Mihawk’s Death? [Opinion]

As we all know, each crew members of the Straw Hat Pirates have their own goal and dream to achieve at the end of the story. For instance is Roronoa Zoro who is aiming to be the strongest swordsman around the world.

However, the previous time skip tells us that Zoro won’t be able to claim the title from Mihawk. It will be odd if Zoro fights Mihawk to gain the title since they already have a teacher-apprentice relationship.

Now, there’s a theory that the Straw Hat Pirates and Blackbeard Pirates will be facing at the end of the story. Of course, this battle will happen in the future, and with the release Chapter 925, Zoro’s ambition to claim the title as the strongest swordsman may happen during the face-off.

One Piece Dracule Mihawk
One Piece – Dracule Mihawk

In Chapter 925, we learned that Mihawk has some kind of relationship with Perona. Perona left the Mihawk to meet with Moriah, but as we all know, Moriah is currently on Blackbeard’s island and chances are that he will be captured or killed. Assuming that Perona reaches the island, she will also be in danger.

Knowing that Mihawk somehow values Perona, he will try to rescue her and he will fight Shiliew. With Mihawk’s characteristics, I don’t see him trying to cheat a fight, especially that he’s a swordsman. However, it’s not the case for Shiliew as he already got Absalom’s Devil Fruit. Surely, he will take advantage of the Devil Fruit’s power to kill Mihawk.

One Piece - Shiliew
One Piece – Shiliew

After Shiliew killed Mihawk, he will become the newest title holder as the strongest swordsman in the world. This scenario fits perfectly for Zoro’s dream. In the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Blackbeard Pirates, Zoro will do his best to defeat Shiliew, avenge Mihawk’s death, and at the same time, claim the title as the strongest swordsman.

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