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One Piece Manga Reveals Rocks Pirates Crew Members

One Piece Chapter 957 is now live bringing one of the most epic chapters in the story. If you haven’t read the chapter yet, be warned that this post contains spoilers.

Apart from the Yonko bounty and Pirate King Gol D. Roger bounty reveal, the new manga chapter also exposed the crew members of the legendary pirate crew, Rocks Pirates. According to the story, the Rocks Pirates was the most powerful pirate crew in its era. That was 38 years before the beginning of the current storyline which now focused on Luffy and his journey.

Rocks Pirates were led by Rocks D. Xebec who’s strength and abilities are still unknown. But knowing that he’s the captain of the strongest pirates in his era, it’s obvious that he is a big-time pirate.

Speaking of the Rocks Pirate crew members, most of them are still alive and One Piece has finally revealed them. We still don’t have any idea if this is all the members of the Rocks Pirates but the good thing is that we already have some of their names.

Rocks Pirates Crew Members Revealed

In One Piece Chapter 957, the marines are having a meeting, talking about the current situation of the sea. One of the main topics is the Kaido and Big Mom alliance that shocked the people around while mentioning about the return of the Legendary Rocks Pirates. It turns out that Kaido and Big Mom were on the same pirate crew in the past and that pirate crew is the Rocks Pirates.

Apart from Big Mom and Kaido, the meeting also revealed that Whitebeard, Shiki the Golden Lion, The Sliver Axe, Captain John, and Ochoku also sailed under the Rocks Pirates flag.

While Rocks is considered as the strongest pirate during his era, his unstoppable rampage was trampled by the combined power of Pirate King Gol D. Roger and Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp at the God Valley Island.