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‘One Piece’ Reveals Why Kozuki Oden Danced Naked in the Wano Country

The start of the Wano Country Arc gives fans a lot of unanswered questions from the past. One of the biggest questions that many One Piece enthusiasts have been looking for the reason why Kozuki Oden is dancing naked in the streets of the Wano Country for many years. Fortunately, Eiichiro Oda’s latest One Piece chapter has finally answered the question.

If you’re following the series from the anime only, be reminded that this post contains major spoilers based on the One Piece manga. If spoilers don’t bother you at all, you’re free to continue.

In the Wano Arc Act II, One Piece manga brought us to the story of Kozuki Oden and the Wano before the present timeline. After Kozuki Oden returned from his journey as a pirate along with Whitebeard Pirates and the Roger Pirates, he found himself walking in miserable Wano Country.

During that time, it was governed by Shogun Orochi who partnered with Kaido. Oden confronts Orochi in the castle at the Capital but when after they talked, Oden started dancing around Wano Country naked. The citizens of the Capital started calling him an idiot Lord. No one in the country knows the reason why Lord Oden danced like a mad man, even his retainers, until One Piece Chapter 971 went live where Shinobu revealed the real reason behind his actions.

According to young Shinubo, Oden made a deal with Shogun Orochi to stop his madness. Back then, Orochi started producing weapons and kidnapping hundreds of people as a tribute to Kaido. These people are being sold, tortured, or killed. The deal was to make Oden dance naked in the capital and every time he does it, Orochi will spare 100 lives. In addition, Orochi also proposed that once the ship they are making is finished, they will leave the country.

Kozuki Oden danced like a fool for nothing for five whole years when he discovered that Orochi is not true to his promise. Following that event, Oden started gathering his retainers where they engaged in an intense battle against the Beasts Pirates and Kaido’s subordinates.

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