One Piece Yamato

One Piece Reveals Yamato’s Appearance and Gender Identity

Eiichiro Oda just released One Piece Chapter 984 and as expected, fans are caught off guard by the identity reveal of Yamato. In the previous One Piece manga chapter, Kaido was remembered asking his subordinates to find his son. One Piece community is expecting that Kaido does really have a tough son. However, the latest Chapter 984 of the One Piece manga debunked what Kaido said as Yamato revealed his true identity.

One Piece Yamato

Who is Yamato? Identity Revealed!

Kaido having a son was first confirmed and mentioned as a cliffhanger in One Piece Chapter 977. After skipping a few chapters, Kaido revealed his son’s name as Yamato. Yamato’s first appearance just happened and his action surprised the One Piece community after attacking Page One and Ulti.

During this time, Yamato took down Ulti with just one hit using the same weapon as his father. Yamato took Luffy and revealed that he was Kaido’s son. However, the latest One Piece Chapter 984 exposed the true identity behind the mask of Yamato.

As seen in the last spread of Chapter 984, Yamato removed the mask covering his face and it turns out that Yamato was actually a woman. It turns out that she became a man because of Kozuki Oden. The chapter also revealed that there is a journal that Oden created and it was the guide that she has been following since then. Just before the chapter ends, Yamato invites Luffy to join her reopen the Wano Country.

About One Piece

One Piece manga is created by Eiichiro Oda which has become one of the most popular manga series around the world. The manga has been serialized and becomes part of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in July 1997 under Shueisha. Since its release, One Piece already created more than 90 tankobon volumes.

One Piece is about the story of a young boy named Monkey D. Luffy who wants to become the new pirate king. Unlike the other characters in the manga series who want power, fame, and wealth, Luffy only desires one thing – to become a free man.

With the help of his friends, will Luffy be able to achieve his dream of becoming a pirate king? Join Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates in One Piece!