One Piece: Wano Arc

One Piece Wano Arc on Break Next Week; New Air Date Revealed

As part of the One Piece 20th Anniversary Celebration, One Piece anime will be having a special episode on October 20th and will be skipping the usual One Piece timeline which is currently in the Wano Arc Act 1.

The special episode is the new One Piece: Romance Dawn, a similar story for Luffy with a different twist. TOEI Animation already released the preview of the upcoming One Piece: Romance Dawn special.

Luffy and Garp are the main two familiar faces that you will be seeing next week. Aside from them, new faces such as Ann and Spiel will also be introduced in One Piece Episode 907.

One Piece Episode 907 is set to release on October 20th featuring the One Piece: Romance Dawn. One Piece Wano Arc will return in Episode 908 releasing on October 28, 2019.

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