Operation Harsh Doorstop Gamepad Controls Guide

Are you having a hard navigating into the world of Operation: Harsh Doorstop? If so, this guide is for you. Here, you can find the complete list of gamepad controls that will help you win every match.

Operation: Harsh Doorstop Controls

  • A Button – Jump (Space)
  • B Button – Change Stance / Stand/ Kneel (CTRL Key)
  • X Button – Reload (R Key)
  • Y Button – Use (F Key)
  • Right Trigger – Lean Right (E Key)
  • Left Trigger – Lean Left (Q Key)
  • Left Stick – Movement ( WASD Keys)
  • Left Stick Click Down – Run (Shift Key)
  • Right Stick – Move Camera ( Mouse Movement)
  • Right Stick Click Down – First Aid Kit (5 Key) Hold RB Button to heal.
  • Press the 1 Key to return to your primary weapon after healing.
  • D Pad Up – Inventory Up (Mouse Scroll Up)
  • D Pad Down – Inventory Down (Mouse Scroll Down)
  • D Pad Right – Change Rate of Weapon Fire (X Button)
  • D Pad Left – Player Lay Prone ( Z Button)
  • Left Shoulder Button – Aim Down Sight ( Right Mouse Button)
  • Right Shoulder Button – Fire Weapon ( Left Mouse Button)
  • Back Button – Map (M Button)
  • Start Button – Return To Game

How to Use This Controller Layout

To set your controller up with these Settings please do the following

Open the game in Steam Big Picture Mode then click on the small Controller Icon then choose Controller Configurations as I have just created one and made it available, click apply and then done and then you can use my Gamepad Settings in-game.